I believe that my
patients deserve to
look and feel great.

Susan Caliri, DDS

Mary I.

Berkeley, CA

My whole family and numerous friends have been clients of Dr Caliris for 20+ years. She and her staff run a well coordinated business, apparently focused on the experience of the client. Simone In particular- but the full staff more generally- is consistently competent and friendly, always asking about family and helping us to understand insurance to the extent she’s able. In my experience, over all these years, we’ve received nothing but quintessential professionalism at every level and in every interaction when dealing with Dr. Caliri and or her office staff.

Lilikoi L.

Berkeley, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Caliri for so many years I can’t even count. She has always been kind, personable, excellent in her technique, communicative and empowering. She has made important recommendations to me about my teeth, has referred me to excellent dentists who do things that she doesn’t do, and has held my delicate dental needs with respect and attention.

Her staff are also quite awesome. Simone is funny, on target, always friendly and helpful. The hygienist I saw yesterday made me feel comfortable as I began an appointment I was dreading. I highly recommend patients like me who have a trauma history, or who are just generally sensitive to see Dr. Caliri and her team. A great place for people to go who are afraid of the dentist! A warm, smart, talented and kind staff await you!

Eric E.

Berkeley, CA

I’ve been a thoroughly satisfied patient of Dr. Caliri’s for 17 years. Most recently Dr. Caliri filled in some gaps between my teeth that couldn’t be corrected through orthodonture. The results look completely natural and I’m happier with my smile than I’ve been since my braces came off in high school.

Natashia F.

Berkeley, CA

My family and I have been going to Dr. Caliri’s office for over 5 years now. We were recommended to her office when we moved here by a friend who has been seeing her for 20+ years. Dr. Caliri and her entire staff are amazing! They are professional, warm, fun and incredibly skillful with myself and my partner, as well as our two children. I couldn’t be happier with our dental care!

Brandon B.

Oakland, CA

Best visit to a dentist office that I can remember. I’d describe Dr. Caliri and her entire staff as competent, knowledgeable, and personable. I am a new patient. Having not been to the dentist in years, I needed two visits to complete my first cleaning and address a small cavity. Both of my visits were efficient and comfortable. I felt cared for and I noticed that the folks there learned my name since my first visit a week ago. You can even tell that the staff support eachother. Until now, I have not required that a dentist make me feel good. Usually, I’m only looking for the best and most efficient care. But, now that I have experienced great care in a great environment, I’m never going back.

Baer B.

Berkeley, CA

Best dentist in town. My family and I have seen Susan Caliri for many years and we would never even think about going anywhere else. The all-women staff is superbly organized, friendly, and the dental office is super clean. It is always a pleasure to go there, starting with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Dr Caliri does fillings, crowns, bridges and similar, but not extractions or surgery, to my knowledge. There are a number of hygienists; I usually see Geralyn; she is absolutely fantastic, careful and detail-oriented. Highly recommended.

Laura G.

Berkeley, CA

I hate going to the dentist. I turn into a nervous wreck! I’m really glad that I went to see Dr. Caliri for my latest treatments. Dr. Caliri is very friendly, and willing to go out of her way to make me feel comfortable knowing I was a nervous patient. She explained everything thoroughly and made the whole experience about 100% better. The office staff is also superb! Thank you!